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In order to start your modelling career A&P Model Management will offer you a full portfolio, runway lessons and guidence in how to pose and act as a model. We require full support of the model in showing a good attitude and in keeping the sizes up to date. We highly value a good relationship with all our models and in offering a mother agency where models feel free and save. Your modelling career will always start national and after you are ready we will promote you to our international agents. A&P Model Management works with the best agencies in the world, such as Paris, Milan, London, New York and more, which will connect you with the most influenced people in the fashionindustry who will make it possible for you to work with the major brands.


A&P Model Management will only work with underaged models by full support of the parents. We will guide the model throughout her career and will assist the model with great portfolio, workout advise and proffesional guidence in living a healthy lifestyle in order to get the best results. We require from all our models a great attitude and good behaviour where thousands of young people can look up to. If there is international interest in the model we can assure that a team of proffesionals will be guiding the model throughout her stay. The model will be learned how to travel thru the city and how to do the best at their job. There will always be 24/7 support of a local contact when needed. A&P Model Management will do everything within there power to bring out the very best of the model where the parents can be more then proud of.


A&P Model Management highly values school of the underaged models. If there is international interest in the model we will always discuss this firstly with the parents and school. Only models who achieve top grades and show a good attitude will be qualified to work abroad. If models show bad results at school or don't take their full responsibility to finish school properly they will be set on hold for further modelling projects. A&P Model Management offers their models a full-time model career and requires all models to take this job seriously. International jobs can vary from a few days till a few weeks. Also the lenght of the abroad stay will be in good consulation with the parents and school..